Breath of Clarity

8th Grade Poem- Song of Myself. 2008.


Strong, faithful, devoted, and free

Child of God, Friend of peace

Who feels that there is so much of life that we are missing because we fail to keep our minds open

Who feels happiness when an opportunity comes along because it’s simply something new

Who feels that bored people are boring because in life there are always infinite possibilities

Who needs patience to accept the things she cannot change, or else she’ll never survive in this world

Who needs music because it’s a motivation to keep her going

Who needs others to walk with her because life’s journey isn’t meant to be experienced alone

Who gives compassion to those who are suffering

Who gives time in working to get better at the things that are important to her

Who fears life without the people that she loves

Who fears failure

Who would like to see farther into the distance

Whose biggest problem is getting through the day

Whose problem will be solved when she gets to go to sleep

Whose problem is not solved because she has even more homework to do

Resident of hope