Breath of Clarity

a poetry composition


what you dare to feel for the adventure of being alive. to touch the center of your own and source your life from its presence. will you be shriveled and closed from fear of further pain? you can sit with pain without moving to fade it and feel a need to fix it. if you can dance with wildness and surrender to the ecstasy, without cautioning to be careful moments will be lengthened as we stand still at the lake’s edge and shout ‘yes’ to the silver of the moon.

it doesn’t interest me where you live. can you get up after the night of grief and despair, bruised to the bone and feed the innocent? stand in the center of the fire? what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away in the empty moments as we subtly tread our solitary paths.

illuminate the lanterns as we exhibit patience. development towards wholeness while simultaneously becoming increasingly distanced from the physical plane. a spark of thought. moving. composed of nows. a warrior who can withstand the knowledge’s path and not be good or bad. a dynamic force. love’s potency. belief’s strength is its passionate quality. and it moves people sometimes to atrocity, sometimes to survival. to celebrate time’s progression. to experience spirituality and surrender the need to concretionalize it’s abstraction. you are the sky.

not judgemental. a supportive person lives in a loving world, aware of the illusion of separation and mindful of our relationship with the unknown. desires are not to be acted on. understanding the working functions of your own machine. music a stable vehicle.

For everyone who exalts the self will be humbled and everyone who humbles will be exalted. ~ Jesus of Nazareth. the harmony between what you say and do. to live it all. an end in itself while questions as books are written in beautiful foreign tongue.

Perhaps you will then gradually, live along into the answer. There aren’t beginnings either, a moment where security will come galloping over the next horizon. Full of serenity, as we be we make our ways through the reality of today. Much of who we are is the way we navigate through life. The cognitive image. What is the difference between loving human connection and avidly seeking approval?

clean water. a soft bed. feeling freedom. and we begin to love and care for ourselves. a balanced diet which contain a variety of satisfying inputs because we recognize fatigue drains the spirit. it creates doubt. feel the need to rest. fuel for the body. glorify me with touch. we are just learning how to love: how much to give in love, when to stop giving. not everyone will come through and interestingly it’s not always about you. acknowledge and redirect destructive emotions. to forgive people for their own human frailties. love’s healing quality. warmth.

it’s unrealistic to demand that someone live their life to ease your insecurities and satisfy your needs. the only love worth receiving is the love given freely without conditions. and you learn what it means to love so you stop trying to control people and outcomes. self love is the most fulfilling. so the rest rests.

there are no more conversations spending energy rehashing your situation with family and friends to justify what we think we deserve. stop personalizing every loss or disappointment. and perceive the course as random acts of fate. talk doesn’t change anything and traps us.

a personal inventory about what you need to improve on in order to move forward and map out action-steps to see it through. among the unexpected. whatever happens, you will learn to deal with it. much of life is a self-fulling prophecy. not to squander your life under a cloud of indecision.

to learn about money and the independence it brings. the necessity to create your own personal wealth. a sense of power is born out of self-reliance. the mortar that holds together the foundation. a wind chime outside our window refreshes simplicity’s beauty. take a deep breath. there it is. the spirit that moves through us which will heal and empower the individual who is mindful of it.