Breath of Clarity

Aesthetic Moment at the Mountains

The drive up to the hiking spot seemed to last for hours. Time passed slowly, and the view of the sun shining on trees outside the window didn’t seem to change. It’s not until after my trip that I realized how valuable that drive was, though. It provided a sense of anticipation that led up to the single moment I crave. The aspect of the trip that was supposed to be relaxing was the most nervous part of the journey. I was not aware of the hike length my brother planned and thought that, perhaps, it would be too physically demanding. Ironically, the fact that the duration of the task was unknown made it easier. For the first time in exercise activity, I was able to focus on other factors of the experience besides pushing to get a good workout. My favorite aspect of the atmosphere was the silence. There was far less air pollution than that which exists on ground level. The footsteps of individuals fifty yards away could be heard clearly from my position. The most exceptional moment was when we reached the top. This moment is the reason why I prepare and embark on physically painful hikes. When I approached the rock, my fascination with natural beauty is fueled by this specific quest to understand something more than textbooks and life experiences can provide.