Breath of Clarity

Argument Comment #1

Original Post by Will Mangum:

I recently just got out of an intense job search, and I had many job interviews and I had to create thoughtful arguments as to why I was the best for the job. I had to think about my current skills and what I had done in the past to represent that I could do the job. Job interviews are just an argument for yourself and why you are the best. I think that if you can craft a good enough argument for yourself, your experience does not matter as much. If you can craft thoughtful and persuasive argument, then the interviewer will believe in you.

Another everyday argument I build is how things could be done better in my baking. I present arguments to myself as to how I could have done something better. I am building a better baking skillset by providing myself the critique of both sides. The arguments I create on how I could have done better have led to some good bakes that would not have gotten where they are now without critique.

To create arguments, research must be done. Thorough research is the key component to building a proper argument. You must know the past and current problems and solutions while understanding what can be done for the future. Understanding the current research is important, but you must have a solid idea for the solution that you believe in. Without passion for your argument, you may seem weak in your defense. Along with passion, understanding both sides of the idea are important. If you can understand where the other side of the argument is coming from, you can craft an argument with that knowledge. For myself, I mainly rely on data and past research to represent my ideas. I enjoy finding key data points that can strengthen my arguments.

My Comment:

Hi Will,

Great point that belief in oneself is crucial to communicate a quality argument. Confidence is an important element of ethos. Writers have to convince themselves of the arguments they are making before they will ever be able to successfully persuade other people.

A key aspect of improving as a baker is detailed observation. People are just repeating the same arguments over and over if they do not thoroughly observe the arguments (or the bake sessions) that have already been created. In order to create change, it is important to have new solutions based on existing research. Thorough research can also help bring practicality to new solutions as it can help a writer clearly outline how to make their new solutions actually happen.