Breath of Clarity

Asheville Organizations for Career Ideas

Penrose Environmental Consulting, email associate to ask what the industry is like and so on. Curiosity. Not looking for job. Just learning.

Asheville GreenWorks River Office


Blue Ridge Research and Consulting


Blue Forest Conservation

Mountain True

Michael Baker- environmental consulting

Blue Ridge Audubon

Mountain True- land conservation

The Nature Conservancy- Asheville office

K2 Irrigation Services, Inc.

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Clean Water for North Carolina

RiverLink (project at West Asheville Park)

Namaste in Nature

Mountains-to-Sea Ecological

ClearWater Environmental Consultants

American Rivers

Green Built Alliance

***EcoForesters- improve forest health, improve forest diversity, help improve forest economic and ecological value. Adaptive management is important. Reassessing every 10 years and adjusting strategy. Help landowners make income and keep them in compliance with present use forestry program. Timber harvesting in a way that has a positive impact. A clearing that mimics

Growing Wild Forest School (ages 3-8 environmental education)

Headwater Environmental Inc.

Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition

The Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County

FIND Outdoors

Nantahala Outdoor Center

The Adventure Center of Asheville

No Taste Like Home

Marketplace Wall 20

Western North Carolina Nature Center

State of North Carolina- Buncombe County, U.S. Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service

A little more overly formal instead of underly casual (Dear, ). Context of who you are. And I’m reaching out because… I am in this program and reaching out to connect with people in the environmental space. (Reference research about the company). We share similar interests in … I am currently this and close with the ask. Make it specific and small. Would you be open to taking ten minutes to answer a few questions about how it is to work at your company? Can we connect over email or have a zoom call? Give two options. Thank you in advance for considering it, 8 sentences max. What’s the part of your job that you wish someone else could do? How can I help solve a problem for you? Mid-level position contact. Use capstone to fill a gap and give something to talk about in interview

Have a clear, consistent system. Save a copy of the job description before you submit the application. Create a specific job search target with a specific type of company and specific timeline.

Goal with resume and cover letter- reduce employer risk of interviewing me. Spend so much time selecting the right jobs/companies to increase chance of getting interview. Use keywords from the job description. Turn every bullet from the job description into a question to prepare for interview.