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My question is: how can SaaS technology be used to tackle global climate change?

I will be submitting my permission memo to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). It is the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, which was founded in 1998, and is widely recognized as an influential voice on climate issues. It brings businesses and stakeholders together to achieve common understanding and consensus solutions. It works with Fortune 500 companies to strengthen business action. Its council – including top companies in the power, manufacturing, transportation, high tech, oil and gas, finance, and other sectors – is the largest U.S.-based group of companies devoted solely to addressing climate change. C2ES works with these business leaders to better understand the technologies that will help us reach our climate goals. C2ES even brought together negotiators from 12 countries to help lay the groundwork for the landmark Paris Agreement, and is now working with them to ensure it is effectively implemented. Through public-private roundtables around the U.S., the C2ES Solutions Forum is fostering collaborative strategies to reduce emissions, expand clean energy, mobilize climate finance, and strengthen climate resilience.

My report would be great content to contribute to the “Climate Solutions” section of the literature provided on its websiteLinks to an external site.. Since it is accustomed to producing informational materials, the report style of my final composition will not be different from their expectations. The website has a contact tab that lists its address and even its phone number. So, I would be able to send in my permission memo and follow up with a phone call. While they have literature entitled Driving Climate-Smart Agriculture with Data and Investing in Innovation is Key to Net-Zero Emissions, they do not have any reports regarding SaaS technology in the context of global warming. Considering that its motivation is to tackle global climate change with modern solutions and that it already has a focus on doing so through business action, the content I will be proposing to it fills in an area that it has not yet openly explored in depth and is relevant.

Comment by Will Magnum:


The C2ES sounds like a great organization to write to as countries come together to fight climate change. From your first paragraph, I gathered all the necessary information for the permission memo. You were very specific in how you want to portray your message. I think calling someone and getting to actually talk to someone is much more impactful than writing an email that could be potentially lost. It is also intriguing that you will propose a solution that would fill a gap in research/programatic change. Great job explaining your permission memo!

My Comment:

Hi Will,

Thanks for the support! With the audience in mind, I am thinking about further considerations. I need to read other reports on the C2ES website to understand the organization’s expectations for communication style and make sure that the information I gather about global climate change matches up with the data it shared about the issue. I am glad to be writing for an audience that already has reports out there and be filling a content gap and seek to learn more about the audience to determine the angle I am going to use while approaching construction of the argument. Since C2ES is such a reputable organization, I am going to focus on the challenge of having credible sources even though there is not a lot of peer-reviewed content regarding SaaS.