Breath of Clarity

Benefit of Exercise

The stability that comes from working out is irreplaceable. Being able to feel the strength with each stroke on my rollerblades allows me to establish a unique rhythm that can’t be attained any other way. While I stand strong balanced on my pabbleboard, the sound of the gentle waves brings a sense of clarity. Enjoyable exercise makes me feel alive. It’s an activity in my day to always look forward to.

It allows me to take on the role of an inventor, always experimenting with new activities that allow me to reach a strong mental and physical state of being. So far, I’ve been attending so many clubs across campus, telling myself that each meeting is a trial to find my fit. This makes me feel as though my identity is so multi-dimensional. Through this adventurous pursuit, I’ve been slowly discovering that each personality really does have a specific type of workout that caters their needs.

Figuring out the best way to weed out certain exercise activities from a wide scope can definitely be difficult. I’ve found that it is easiest to start out with evaluating my purpose. With most people who have yet to find their regular routine, a common motivation for exercising is to practice better self care of the mind and body. There is this false notion that, in order for a workout to be productive, you need to push your muscles to a point that makes you feel pain. This is definitely not true. If we use our body’s strength that already exists, instead of feeling the need to multiply that strength, we will find ourselves looking forward to our workouts instead of perceiving them as punishment. Feeling in control of your muscles is key. When you notice that the makeup of the human body is so fascinating, you’ll find yourself wanting to experiment with uncustomary ways to use it. Engaging various muscles by practicing small activities, multiple times a day, can become a way of life.

If you really are concerned with eventually reaching a point where you are working out at maximum intensity, just trust the process. I’ve found that when I find myself enjoying the exercises that I start out with, it makes me want to explore more challenging ones after my healthy lifestyle has already been established. So far, the coolest part of my change in lifestyle has been observing my self-image change from an average gal to a committed and confident athlete. Through consciously tracking the emotional benefit and being driven by the mental grove that’s been established, I’ve been able to not worry about the physical improvement. I’ve brought my natural self back to life.