Breath of Clarity

Challenging Conclusions

Passionate inquiry about my role in improving societal flaws fuels my attempt to deepen my understanding of the questions concerning the human condition. I’ve come to enjoy time spent establishing a comfortable connection with other individuals through conversations that require high-level thinking because these discussions evoke facets of my personality that aren’t expressed within my traditional social group. I find immense beauty in witnessing the expansion of perspective in others and myself. So, it really frustrates me when people participate in casual debate with a close-minded attitude, for the sole purpose of feeling justified. This is an immature motivation that really needs to change.

Conclusions should not be respected if one has not encountered conflict in the process of shaping ideas. It’s important to be honest with oneself to maintain humility when forming beliefs. It may be easier to come to a clear conclusion by denying the counter-argument’s existence, but then that conclusion will never be legitimate. Concepts need to be questioned in order to reveal weakness, or else the proposals are merely theories and not worth listening to. An individual should always be open to developing viewpoints opposing ideas because life is about constantly, in order to cope with and simplistically explain reality. It’s difficult to argue purely against a viewpoint after completing a thorough investigation on the entire issue. Each perspective usually has some degree of validity.

These close-minded individuals merely base their positions on their own experiences, instead of being willing to understand the origin of the opposing side’s logic. Education is all about continuously qualifying one’s perspective on various issues and recognizing the way that seemingly unrelated principles intertwine.

So, I want to always be an attentive student of nature, with a comprehensive curriculum based on exploring the unfamiliar streets to understand the unconventional perspectives. Nothing scares me more than self-determined limits that separate me from valuable truth.