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Discussion Comment: Research Topics

Original Post by Jack Carrol:

1. Will job-related training elevate the satisfaction for new employees because they will feel more comfortable with their job description?

2. Does online or zoom training work as well as in person training to make a new employee satisfied with their job?

3. Would you be more satisfied with your job if you were trained by your supervisor or someone within your same position?

My Comment:

In terms of topic #2:

Weakness- It is unclear how you are going to measure the situation and create data. There is also not a specific time-period outlined. Also, I wonder which groups of organizations you are aiming to study.

Strength- The content is very interesting, particularly considering COVID-19 has forced companies to switch to completely remote interaction. It is very unique, as well. Since you’re in a totally online graduate program, the topic may be personally intriguing to you which results in passion for the project and a high quality final draft.