Breath of Clarity

Editing and Revision Comment #1

Original Comment by Jarrett Vigil:

I think the reason that I am more comfortable with editing as opposed to other writing processes like drafting is because it is less daunting of a task. When I start a class I always look at the syllabus to see what the research topic will be for the class paper. This allows me to start exploring topic ideas early so I can get started on researching for my paper. From research to drafting I always get anxious because it is a lot of work and I am building the foundation for my paper. The reason I think as a writer that I am more comfortable with the editing process is because it seems less daunting of a task for me. When I edit a paper all of the research and writing is already done and taken care of so I just need to fine tune the work. During the editing process I get to go over my work word by word to try and make it easier to read, flow better, and be more concise. Mentally this can be the most challenging part of the writing process but I like it because I do not have to focus on typing the bulk of my paper or research.

Some of my biggest struggles with revision are usually with complex wording or explaining hard concepts to unfamiliar audiences. Coming from a business background I use a lot of market economic theory in my writing and sometimes I get carried away in technical speak. This is due to my interest in market economics and thinking of the market trends for energy sources in a supply+demand graph format. Thinking in this format allows me to use market trends to understand market dynamics to visualize the concepts. This becomes an issue when I try to write what I am visualizing because I write the concepts in “business speak” so the concepts could be comprehensible to others but my communication language could create static in the message delivery. To help me with this I am looking to the peer review portion of my editing process to help correct areas of my writing that can be unclear.

My Comment:

Hey Jarrett,

Great point that revision is intimidating before sitting down to do it. The anticipation of doing it is scary because it does involve more complicated brain processing than editing does. Amazing idea to combat the pre-revision nerves by determining the writing topic early on. Perhaps, it allows for more idea organization to take place before the drafting phase so that the post-drafting revision phase does not entail as much reconfiguration. Giving yourself more time is a great way to allow yourself to go slow and reduce the anxiety. Perhaps, knowing that you are going to revise after you complete the draft would also help reduce anxiety in that research to drafting phase.

Explaining hard concepts to unfamiliar audiences is a challenge I took on with my report topic. It is good you have a strong interest in the topic because it brings the opportunity to allow passion to shine through the voice of this report. Passion would be particularly useful considering the nature of our reports are persuasive. I do not consider it a problem that you’re drafting in your own technical language because doing so is probably encouraging the flow of ideas without hesitation. As long as you’re keeping the audience in mind during the editing process, you’re going to be able to reword the concepts to fit the rhetoric situation.