Breath of Clarity

Environmental Project Management- Student Biographical Information


Please provide the following information:

1. Your full name and your nick name or the name you’d like to be addressed by.

2. Where are you originally from and where are you now that you are taking this course?

3. What degree(s) do you have, and why are you taking this particular course?

4. If you have any previous project management experience, please briefly describe.

5. In one or two words what would you like to be known for? For example, I’ve been coaching youth and high school soccer for 40 years, and would like to be known by “coach”. You may have words, such as, organized, driven, compulsive, hurried, etc. It’s interesting to try to find the one word that you think describes you or that you’d like to be remembered by.

My Answer:

1. Mary Elizabeth Friedman (Mary)

2. I am originally from Glenview IL. It is a suburb, located about 20 miles northwest of Chicago. Now, I live in Santa Cruz, CA. Living here provides convenient access to the coast and redwood mountains.

3. I completed my Bachelor’s in Political Science from Colorado College. I am interested in the scope of project management responsibilities and how the skills can be applied in a natural resource manager position. Since I participated in Grant Cardone’s sales training program, I look forward to exploring the art of negotiation in a traditional university’s course. Moreover, understanding the criteria considered in evaluating and selecting certain projects shows me factors to highlight while writing and reviewing project proposals. I value the importance of determining pathways to efficiency and outlining a clear budget when devising a project’s blueprint. Additionally, acquiring a sense of timing in environmental project management is going to enable me to create detailed procedures with clear deadline parameters. I am also intrigued by the ability to predict cost variance and schedule variance because I want to be a professional who can adapt to a wide array of circumstances, especially while leading a team. Further, I am curious about strategy used to achieve quality project monitoring, control and auditing. I see the course as useful for helping me ensure the projects I manage are beneficial to restoring a place’s ecology in the long-run.

4. I was a residential solar project manager in the East Bay of California. The position involved sparking interest in the product to generate leads via door-to-door sales, scheduling site-surveys, coordinating logistics with backend designer teams and financier partners, creating customized proposals for each individual household, scheduling meetings with homeowners, presenting the contracts, requesting backend permit teams to gather all necessary materials from the country or city, and scheduling installation. My current part-time job is to simply gather additional documents (such as utility bills, trust documents, income verification documents, net energy metering agreements etc.) from homeowners who already signed contracts.

5. warrior