Breath of Clarity

Females Strike With Strength

In The Declaration of Sentiments, the author deploys exceptional ethos. Elizabeth Cady Stanton establishes herself as the epitome of self-respect and independence based on the means she protests social justice. The author’s voice speaks for the entire female population. The audience concludes that these women, who are represented by such a credible leader, definitely deserve basic freedoms. Since Stanton creates this strong feminine voice, the lawmakers desire for women to adopt a weak self-image and lead a dependent life will never be a reality.

The author uses the term “patience” to explain that the women really try to honor the government before protesting. They attempt to understand the opposition’s viewpoint because they want to trust their authority and not cause trouble. At the same time, the women push for permission to control their own well being when the government doesn’t deliver and it is “necessary” to intervene. This suggests that the author’s character is both respectful and doesn’t practice self-victimization.

The author earns respect from the audience when she requests for the right to “refuse allegiance”. She is essentially asking permission to be resilient, which is admirable. The author strategically references religion to humble the lawmakers. This tactic identifies the speakers and audience on an equal humanistic level in comparison to God. The women identify the origin of the inalienable rights as “endowed by their Creator,” which suggests that groups who try to strip women of justice view themselves as superior to the divine. This denounces the ethical standing of the lawmakers, which elevates the author’s credibility.