Breath of Clarity

Final Course Reflection Comment #1

The part of the research and writing process of my capstone that surprised me the most was discovering how to improve the efficiency of my writing. From brainstorming to submission, I have completely redesigned and improved my writing process. Really focusing on the structure and framework of my paper while designing the outline allowed me to separate my paper into sections. Having multiple sections identified allows me to focus on one section at a time but direct it in line with the flow of the paper by already having a framework. Having a detailed outline before drafting helps me to draft in stages more dynamically. Strengthening my writing with this improves audience understanding. Taking the time to really focus on my wording and structure improved my ability to quickly and more effectively explain ideas. The most frustrating part of my capstone would probably be the sense of inundation that can come with being at the end of my masters degree. We are in the last class we need to take for our program and it can just be stressful for me to keep up and provide my best work. This struggle has caused me to really focus on doing the best I can so this class can also be really rewarding. I think that the most enjoyable moment I have had in this class was finally sitting down and reading the final draft of my report. To date I think this is the highest quality report that I have solo-authored. I am very proud of the report I wrote and can use it as an example of my writing abilities. This class really helped me to fine tune my report and analyze how effectively I can communicate something to my audiences. This class was pretty stressful at times but I am very happy that it is over and that this will be our last discussion!