Breath of Clarity

Final Course Reflection Comment #2

Original Post by Amanda Hughes:

What surprised me the most was how little peer-reviewed research on recycling had taken place in the last 10 years. Especially with how often people talk about how it is so confusing on what is and isn’t recyclable.

The part that was the most frustrating was actually structuring my report to ensure it told a story. I am not a writer, so writing the paper so that it was persuasive and truly told a story about the problem and solution were hard for me.

For me, the most enjoyable part of the capstone process was developing my presentation. I love being able to get creative with how the information is presented, whether that be with images, graphs, or high-level bullet points. Presentations allow you the opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas without having to read a lot of words on a screen.

My Comment:

Hi Amanda,

The confusion regarding what is and isn’t recyclable is surprising. It calls for the need to consider how to effectively reach the multiple groups within the confused audience. It also brings into consideration how to implement the outreach strategy at a large scale. Finally, it demonstrates the need for global climate change action to be collective in order to yield excellent results.