Breath of Clarity

Glenbrook South Spirit

Glenbrook South High School spirit has been exceptional during this year’s 50th anniversary. Even though GBS was originally created for educational purposes, over the course of its history, the school has taken steps to make the student experience about so much more.

South went above and beyond this year in not only continuing to hold its annual activities, but also creating new ones to celebrate the anniversary. The students held a 24- hour telethon, organized the filming of a Lip Dub video during the school day, and outnumbered New Trier’s turnout at the morning pep rally.

There is a commonality between all three of these events in that the leaders of Pep Club have done all that they can to get everybody involved. Teachers have given extra credit to those students who attend the school play and are often willing to give a lighter homework load the night of a big game. Students who don’t even know the rules of the game come out to support their school for the sole sake of making a presence to add to the energetic vibe. Students sacrifice their homework time on a school night to come to big games, often willing to go to an away venue just so that their athletes feel comfortable and confident.

Heading into the playoffs, the Girls Varsity volleyball team was seeded below 100 in state rankings. However, their fans still came out to support them, carrying them to a finish in the top 20, nearly qualifying for state. The amount of emotion that was shown on the volleyball court of the sectional final was intense. Players on the court were on the verge of tears, with mixed emotions, because they couldn’t contain their reaction to the positive atmosphere that their fans generated.

There has been a tremendous amount of school pride felt by all GBS students as a result of the success of their classmates. Athletes are genuinely proud of other athletes for their accomplishments as well. When word got out that Olivia Smoliga qualified for the Olympics, students, whom she had never met before, congratulated her. Those who were not even her friends took time out of their day to compliment her because they thought it was incredible that someone from their own school was representing the United States.

South activities base their work off of other organizations within the school. The television department produces the video for the fall sports assembly. The GBS Oracle wouldn’t have anything to write about if there wasn’t always something going on. Students really do rely on other groups within the school to keep their own alive.

When evaluating the degree of school spirit, it’s important to remember the definition of this abstract idea. School spirit is the practice of students bringing their various skills together for a common cause. It’s hard to envision what more this school could do to better create this ideal image. The sacrifices that the school makes in order to promote school spirit as a priority need to be acknowledged. In the midst of a very fast-paced atmosphere, it is important to step back to praise those who create the experience that South students will remember for a lifetime.