Breath of Clarity

Hey Hey Hey It’s DNA! 2009

Whether you call it a discovery or a vision, a significant advancement has been made in the field of genetics. 30 year old researcher Mary Friedman and the prophet Isaiah, descendent of Muhammad, met at the Summit on Sunday to discuss secret plans of creating the perfect representation of Allah. Friedman said, “It all started when I heard a phone ring in my head. I decided to bring attention to it and heard the voice of Allah who had called to see if I could assist the known prophet of Isaiah in a project at the Summit”. Allah had found that the Muslim people began to lose faith in him because they didn’t feel that they could have a personal relationship with their God without physically seeing him. He told Isaiah that he has a plan for Isaiah to create the perfect human being representation of himself. According to Friedman, “Allah told us that he will create this being technologically by using a device not yet released in Earth called the Wii, using the ‘create a player feature’.” Allah provides Isaiah with the vision of the Wii player that he created so that Isaiah can see what it looks like. Isaiah is very puzzled because he does not have the intelligence to use this picture to create a realistic human being. “I began to ask myself questions,” Mary says, “What are genetics made of, and how do they determine the characteristics of our organisms? Are genes single molecules, or are they long structures made up of many molecules?” Mary got frustrated. None of her observations seemed to form a legitimate conclusion. She continuously prayed to Allah on her woolen-knotted prayer mat until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was so discouraged that she could no longer hold her head high. When she opened her eyes she found that the answer was right in front of her. Allah did indeed answer her prayers. Part of the design of the prayer mat included a double helix shaped swirl. Mary realized with divine assistance that genetic material must be organized into a double helix molecule. From there she went straight to the lab and used this double helix shape to make more discoveries about the shapes of the different pieces and used the way that they are connected to determine their functions.

Friedman claimed that she had found a way to sequence different traits based on something she called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It is made up of a long molecule of units called nucleotides. Each of these nucleotides is made up of three basic components: a sugar called deoxyribose, phosphate group, and a base containing nitrogen. There are four types of nitrogen bases that come in pairs. Each pair is connected by a hydrogen bond. The two purines, Adenine (A) and thymine (T) make up a pair, and the pyrimidines, cytosine (C) and guanine (G) make up a pair. Pyrimidines have one ring in their structure, while purines have two rings. What is known as the backbone of the DNA chain is formed by sugar and phosphate groups of each nucleotide. Like the 26 letters in the alphabet, the four different nucleotides can be strung together in many different ways. These nitrogen bases are bonded at the center of the molecule made in the shape of a double helix. The hydrogen bonds helped give the molecule the shape of a double helix because it created a force to hold the two separate strands together. This DNA is contained in the chromosomes in the nucleus and in addition to passing down genetic information carries out functions in the cell. DNA is copied or replicated in producing for offspring. Each strand of the DNA double helix has all the information needed to reconstruct the other half by mechanism pairing. Each strand can be used to make another strand which make them complementary. DNA replication is carried out by a number of enzymes which unzip the DNA molecule by separating hydrogen bonds, allowing helix to unwind. The most important enzyme in this DNA replication is polymerase.

By finding this information, Ms. Friedman and Isaiah were able to create the being that Allah had made on the Wii. Muslims across the world are rejoicing because they are now convinced that Allah hears there prayers. This discovery will change the world forever.