Breath of Clarity

Home is Where the Heart Is

The article “The Education of Women as Artists: Project Womanhouse” by Miriam Schapiro illustrates the benefits of self-understanding gained through art. The purpose of the article is to show that the feminine figure is multi-dimensional, and that interior design is similar to the complicated identity formation process. The article conveys the mixed emotions that are evoked in the production of self-expressive art. To know thyself is a rough, creative, and beautifully liberating constant work in progress. When people are honest in their self-expression, interconnection within a particular group increases to such a high level.

The physical components of the museum and nursery rooms capture the confusion that maturity brings. They dedicate a relatively large amount of space for youth to play and a dollhouse. The fact that the adult women decide to construct a space dedicated to children at all illuminates their desire to transcend back in time to a more carefree youthful life. It allows them to “regress to the age of magical belief”.

The women are able to raise awareness of reality by reevaluating the role of women in the kitchen, a traditionally important space associated with females. The women realize that the kitchen, which is supposed to be a comfortable and loving space, is realistically an imprisoned battleground. Schapiro says, “the environment becomes the confrontation between reality and fantasy, and its effect is shocking.” Through honest confrontation of common struggle that conflicts with societal norms, the women are able to unite under the courage to make themselves vulnerable to society’s response.