Breath of Clarity

How did you learn about Colorado College and why do you wish to attend?

The decision to apply to Colorado College was made simply out of self-care, to tend to my well-being. My two brothers live in the Colorado Springs area and I’ve talked to both current students and graduates from the university. The aspect of the experience that all of these students emphasized the most was the difference in lifestyle- a healthy routine that supplements their academic growth with internal development. Over the course of this past semester, the alteration of my values has transformed my priorities. I recognized that Colorado College radiates a specific positive energy. It’s the environment in which I can envision myself finally reaching my ultimate potential to thrive. To find students who are simultaneously laid-back and academically driven is quite rare. This is likely due to the regular practice of staying active, which is so much more encouraged in a beautiful natural environment. With over three hundred days of sunshine a year, there is no excuse not to take the initiative to immerse oneself in the convenient activities that are located in the area. The block schedule hours facilitate making a healthy lifestyle a priority over academics, as opposed to vice versa.

The interdisciplinary neuroscience major would offer a stimulating academic experience for me. It would expose me to foundational knowledge about the universal human condition that would serve me well working in the field of global mental health. The specific neuroscience program at Colorado College covers such a wide range of areas, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the multiple dimensions of the human being. Recently, I’ve become a strong believer in the legitimacy of metaphysics, which defines the transfer of energy as the essence of existence. It’s difficult to productively contemplate these concepts when a there are so many holes in the discussion caused by lack of understanding certain interrelated academic fields. Energy is composed of a combination of chemical and physical exchange, the concepts of which are covered by the prerequisites for this major. From there, neuroscience will offer insight about both the limitations and capacities that we humans possess to understand our purpose. These topics are heavy in content, which can feel really overwhelming if taken in conjunction with other courses. Completing the neuroscience major at Colorado College will potentially feel a lot more manageable. The discussion-based format at this institution will bring out applications of these concepts to a variety of subjects we encounter in our non-academic college experience. I’ve chosen to apply to Colorado College because it seems to be a university where my academic and non-academic life will be most effectively intertwined.