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Introduction to Environmental Economics Comment #2

Original Comment by Connor Clarke:

My name is Connor Clarke. I graduated from MSU Denver a few years ago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. While completing my undergraduate program, I took a number of environmental science courses and pursued environmentally focused positions after graduating. I have worked as an Environmental Technician in the Oil & Gas industry as well as working at Great Divide Brewing Co.

I am currently working for the City of Westminster as a certified water treatment operator, where I perform a variety of tasks focused around water chemistry. I believe I have a firm understanding of the science behind the environmental industry and I am taking my first class at UCOL to expand my knowledge into the regulatory and economical aspect of the industry.

I am hoping to take the knowledge I learn here and advance my career into policy writing or managing environmental projects within local government. This is my first graduate level course and I am nervous about managing a graduate level course load as well as working full-time.

I live in Denver and enjoy the large number of year round outdoor recreation activities Colorado has to offer. These would include hiking, skiing, and climbing. My dream vacation would be Iceland due to the abundance of untouched land and unique geological formations.

My Comment:

It’s amazing you are doing the EPM program with a background in biology. I love how the subject’s word roots signify “the study of life”. Since guiding environmental education and doing my own camping excursions, I cultivated a strong interest in the natural sciences.

Great Divide’s beer is delicious. Last quarter, our EPM 4003-2 classmate Edward analyzed New Belgium Brewing’s environmental management system. I commented on how to conduct energy efficient operations and shared a manual (Links to an external site.) written by the Brewer’s Association. At Great Divide, was the position focused on water efficiency? Did you learn anything specific at Great Divide that you are also using now as a certified water treatment operator?

My partner is a brewer for a company with a 3-barrel system. We’re hoping to someday create a plot of land with a brewery, extensive garden and disc golf course.

While completing my undergraduate degree in Colorado Springs, I had a blast walking around Garden of the Gods and exploring Cheyenne Mountain. I also enjoyed taking the T-Bar lift at Breckenridge.

Glad we’re on the same team!

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