Breath of Clarity

Introduction to Environmental Economics

Hey all!

My preferred name is Mary.

In 2017, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Colorado College.

After graduation, I travelled to Cambodia where I lived with a Kamei family for a few months. When I returned to the states, I taught yoga and developed a strong interest in the renewable energy sector. From there, I conducted the consulting and project management for 37 residential solar panel system installations.

Last quarter, I completed Environmental Law as my first class at UCOL. Focusing on essay organization, including both syntax and argumentative logic, kept me grounded. I also thoughtfully selected discussion and essay topics in order to enjoy gathering information for assignments. After studying CERCLA, I am interested in the incentive-based tools for environmental policy analysis. Since I thoroughly appreciated the spring quarter, I decided to be a full-time student. I am particularly intrigued by how environmental economics data influences capital investment decisions.

Learning how to analyze and evaluate financing projects is going to support my future endeavors. The EPM program is a way to propel my career in natural resource management as I aim to be a restorationist. My goal is to arrange contract conditions for leasing lands as well as design and monitor forestry projects.

Currently, I live in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s a blast walking my dog along West Cliff Drive, paddle boarding in the ocean and exploring the nearby redwoods. I also have a homemade raised bed garden in my backyard with peppers, cucumbers, kale, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, chamomile, cilantro, eggplant, strawberries and flowers.

In 2014, I had a phenomenal vacation in Tanzania where I did a wildlife safari and summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

I dream of one day hiking in Nepal.

Comment by Professor Scott Thomas:

Welcome to the course. I think that environmental economics is a key component for your future in restoration ecology.

I have a few projects going on just over the mountains from you in Santa Clara and Redwood City. Interesting area, but I’d rather be on your side of the hills.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts.