Breath of Clarity


Watching every single Chicago Cubs game via the same kitchen television for the entire 2005 regular and postseason may not seem like the typical routine for a ten-year old girl. Given my background, this is no surprise. Raised by my two older brothers, as the all time quarterback, at the backyard football field made sports the foundation of my childhood. The possibility of contributing my dedicated fan spirit to a division one sports scene is a rare opportunity that cannot be missed. My sharp campus tour guide expressed her passion for UW Madison football, referring to an unforgettable Rose Bowl road trip and memorable experiences at rivalry match-up tailgates. The perfect combination of a scholarly student body and sensational school spirit is the reason why I could not imagine myself anywhere other than UW Madison.

This exuberant energy will be balanced by the relaxing ambiance of the lakeshore community where I plan to live. At home, I visit Lake Michigan no less than three times a week to ground myself. The pristine water forces me to slow my circulation of thoughts down which helps minimize stress and develop a strong sense of self-reliance used to cope with struggle. The lake will be a source of support, as I meet the academic challenges of a rigorous university.

For a multi-faceted freshman applicant, the fact that UW Madison offers variety and depth is attractive. I have identified nine potential majors, ranging from kinesiology to philosophy, which assures me that I’ll eventually be able to develop expertise in a meaningful career. UW FIGS is another major reason why Madison is my top choice. The FIG that especially interests me is the “Good, Truth, Beauty, and the Meaning of Life” because it offers the chance to be surrounded by people who similarly contemplate these conventional values more in depth.

My favorite aspect of service work is that it presents situations outside of my comfort zone that broaden my perspective. My work taking care of babies in an African orphanage taught me that we must develop a willingness to listen to the children in order to truly serve them well, as well as understand their culture. Street Pulse Homeless Cooperative Newspaper will be a vehicle to understanding new insights, as I am given the opportunity to work with another group of individuals who normally do not have much of a voice.

The opportunity to expand my already wide athletic scope and existing high school interests tends to my needs to continue to explore myself as a holistic being. By participating in Boxing Club, WKW, TTCUW, UW Longboards, and Hoofer SnS I’ll be able to maintain my passion for sports while simultaneously being adventurous. The Italian Club will allow me to confirm my interest in the culture before I study abroad junior year. Super Smash Bros and Clay Club will provide an outlet to play and create. True confidence and satisfaction come from being in a position of hope, where the educational world is limitless.