Breath of Clarity

My Survey Question- Product Satisfaction

Area of interest:

To what extent are purchasers of the ANCHEER 500 Watt Electric Bike satisfied with the product?

Sample: 1000 purchasers of the product

Open-ended question: Imagine you’re writing a letter to your younger self who has not yet purchased the product. What are some ANCHEER 500 Watt Electric Bike riding experiences you would include in the letter to ultimately recommend whether or not to purchase the product?

Closed-ended question:

How would you rate the value of the product relative to its cost?

Answer Options (1 indicates a low value while 5 indicates a high value):

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

Comment by Michael Muehlberger:

Your questions seem really well thought out! The population size is large enough to provide a fairly reliable response rate (if this were a mail survey), but also manageable enough so the researcher wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. You have a nice open ended question which would help gain a wider scope of how consumers use this product. The one comment to that would probably be that it has a lot of important, meaningful words that might work better as two separate questions. Something along the lines of “What are some experiences you would include in the letter?” and then “Would you recommend this product to your younger self?” For your closed ended question I think it’s easy enough to understand, and provides important information that could be used to further the research. Great questions!

Comment by Mattea Tingle:

I think you did a great job forming questions that are thoughtful and beneficial to your topic. Your second question would provide great insight into the value of the bike if the brand ever considered increasing or decreasing the price point. Like Michael pointed out, I agree that your first question could be worded differently. I, personally, would not have done it as a letter to myself but rather asking what were the factors or experiences that led the consumers to purchase the bike.