Breath of Clarity

Original Tennis Raps

Yo kid u heard the word on the street?

There’s this sick Glenbrook South playa to beat

She needs that crown; more deserving than the king

Can’t even imagine what this gal can bring

In every kind weather

Rain shine whatever

She’s got the swing; she’s got that swagger!

When you her opponent, you’ll notice her skills

Trying to dodge every ball so you won’t get killed

When you walk on the court, you must be scurred

Her shot’s got a pop that always heard

That spin serve she’s got it’s like a secret sauce

You never see it coming; she’s just so damn boss

She ain’t sing no song, she ain’t do no dance

After she wins the point she’s right back in that stance


-To my big sis-

Split- step, volley volley Split- step, volley smash!

Split- step, volley volley Split- step, volley smash!

Yo my dog MP this one’s for you

We wanna tell everyone how u do

You run every ball out as hard as can 

Your so slick like the F-ing ginga’ bread man

You’re on your toes like u got fast feet

You got all the skills and u bring in da heat

Everybody knows u play so insane

Your for sure, no doubt the queen of the game

Split- step, volley volley Split- step volley smash!

All those opponents, they got nothing on you

They got no strategy, they got no clue

Cross court, down the line wht ev it may be

That ball goes so fast, no one can see Pouching you’re the best, you got the magic touch

For sure better than Deerfield’s weak bunch

Yo there’s no one that you cannot defeat

After having all that awesome puppy chow to eat WORD