Breath of Clarity

Pitch to Support the Decision to have Leadership Training

Problem: It is clear that our employees are lacking energy and interest in the meaning of their work. The best staff members are beginning to leave the company and we cannot allow poor attitudes to continue to sabotage projects. Performance is already deteriorating. A foundational change is the only way we can survive as unaligned systems are blocking needed action. It is crucial that we hold a training program for the executive team that is concentrated on key leadership principles to build a sound system. Only with the executive team fully on board would employees be able to adopt the belief that it is never too late to change one’s attitude and set one’s life on a new, focused course. It is the necessary long-term solution as leaders will be able to clarify their values and radiate a renewed sense of commitment to the company’s vision. It will finally enable our core team to determine a set of goals that they can instill in the rest of the company.

The leadership principles in this training are going to be trust, responsibility, confidence, vitality, and vision. The workshop will teach leaders to be vulnerable with each other so they can trust others in their group and be authentic to their department members. From there, the executive team is going to hold each other accountable for the employee burnout across the company so that they take full responsibility for all that has happened in order to feel fully capable of being in control of making things better. From there, the training is going to focus on identifying executive team member strengths. It is going to build the confidence of those at the training. Crucially, it will also equip the executive team members to identify strengths of their middle management department heads so that they will be able to instill confidence in them. With a culture centered around discovering potential, there will be a new sense of vitality running through the company’s veins that will make employees feel refreshed. From there, a clearly outlined vision is going to give the revived team members the sense of purpose that they need. Finally, it is important to create a system that will measure results of this training. Considering that the executive team is taking complete responsibility for the outcomes, they need to know the results of their decisions and programs. They will be remarkable.

Directly after the executive team training, the middle management is going to need a plethora of information and a lot of direction to be successful. They need to receive the same training as the executive team did so that they go through a similar experience first-hand. As opposed to feeling pressured to implement the change, they need to wholeheartedly want to implement it. The executive team will come out with career development policies and activities that help their department heads achieve their full potential. Then, the middle management will do the same for their reports at the frontline worker level. As a result, there is going to be a change within each individual due to attainment of new knowledge, skills and attitude. Denial, resistance, and negative attitudes are avoided in favor of proceeding directly to states of exploration, personal responsibility, and commitment. Instead, the team members are going to be stress-resistant. They will be hardy individuals who are able to accomplish tremendous tasks and still remain healthy.