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Research Topics


A researcher wants to find out if there is a relationship between job-related training and job satisfaction. List three potential topics in writing that could be studies based on your readings and video that reflect the idea of narrowing your research focus.

My Post:

1) Proficiency in skills needed to use the digital tools at Capgemini Consulting amongst employees who quit the company from 2015-2019

2) College degree levels of Goldman Sachs employees who were hired in 2012 and still work at the company

3) A 2020 survey of 500 currently instructing Yoga Alliance 200-Hour certified teachers and 500 currently instructing Yoga Alliance 300-Hour certified teachers who completed their programs in 2014

Comment by Javier Guzman:

I think your second point brings up a very interesting topic. A person’s educational background could certainly have an effect on their success in their career, and subsequently on their job satisfaction. I think it’s great that your topic is specific, although it might be a bit too specific. I think it might help if you opened it up a little, and maybe find a way to tie in the job-related training part from the prompt. I still think that that college degree levels you mentioned could be a relevant point of discussion and would add value to the study.

My Comment:

Hi Javier!

I agree college level degree is an interesting type of job training, particularly because we are currently in the online graduate program. Also, true- there may be factors specific to Goldman Sachs that skew my understanding of the impact of college degree level on employee retention.

Thanks for the feedback!