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Revision Strategies Comment #1

Original Post by Danette Jewell:

My plan for revising my final report is to make sure that I give myself enough time to take a break between writing and editing/revising the document. I tend to do my best work when I’m not too rushed and I can take time away from the document. I always allow at least one night in between writing and revising because after I sleep I read the document differently and notice things that I missed during the first edit. I also like to have another person read the document to make sure that my writing makes sense and the message is clear. Often, I’ll have a friend read it and then ask them what they thought the argument was so I can make sure my writing is being interpreted correctly.

With my work schedule, I have to plan times to do homework so I will also block out several evenings to make sure I have enough time to do a proper revision. I always try to give myself more time than needed so I don’t run into a scheduling issue. I also like to work with a paper in sections so it’s less overwhelming and then look at it as one paper for the final revision. It can be helpful for me to read it out loud as a final step.

My Comment:

Hi Danette,

Thanks for the reminder to prepare so that there’s enough time to take a break between writing and editing/revising. First of all, it is easier to brainstorm when the mind is at ease rather than being in crunch time. The quality of ideas are going to be better. It also allows enough time to do massive revisions where necessary even if that involves drastically rearranging sections of the paper. The video from this week mentioned the need to be comfortable with making substantial changes to a draft and it is easier to do so if time is relatively abundant. I am glad you mentioned sleep as a factor. One way to improve the quality of our final report is to start making lifestyle actions that help us have good overnight sleep sessions so that our mind is sharp when it is time to sit down at the computer. For me, that involves having consistent healthy nutrition and tea before bed. I have even been taking breaks throughout my workshop sessions to bring ease to the process. It has helped me loosen and be more productive when I do sit down to focus.