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The Genre Activity- Understanding the Audience Comment #1

Original Post by Ky Hlavacek:

Scenario #1 – Email to Insurance Company

Dear Acme Insurance Group,

I am writing to provide you with an account of the incident related to policy number 711808 and the claim which will be submitted by the additional party involved. On the morning of January 3, 2022, I borrowed my girlfriend’s vehicle, which is insured under this policy, to drive to work. While enroute to my office, the car in front of me was forced to abruptly stop when another car changed lanes directly before the traffic signal turned red. At this moment I was distracted by an urgent email which had just arrived and failed to stop in time. Fortunately, there were no injuries related to the accident but there was significant damage to both vehicles involved.

It is my understanding that this policy covers additional drivers for the insured vehicle, and I doubt the claims will exceed the limits on the policy, but I can provide my own insurance information, if needed. I have provided all the information which will be contained in the police report for the accident. If you need to reach me directly for any additional information or questions, I can be reached at or (555) 808-8080.


Ky Hlavacek

Scenario #2 – Email to Manager

Hey Jayce,

I just tried to give you a call but it went straight to voicemail, so I am emailing so you are in the loop. I was in a car accident this morning on my way into the office. Fortunately, no one was injured but my girlfriend’s car is in pretty bad shape. While I was talking to the responding police officer, the tow truck took the car and I was unable to get the materials for this morning’s presentation. I spoke with Josh and he agreed to wing it, but given these circumstances, and the importance of the project to this client, I would really like to have another chance to fully present our findings to the group. It will be incredibly valuable for the client services team to see some of the visuals we were able to create from the project data before we present to the client.

Terribly sorry for how inconvenient this is, I know it can be a struggle to get all the right people in the same room at one time. I will be in the office as soon as I can get to the repair shop to grab my things and then catch an Uber. We can discuss more then.



Scenario #3 – Text to Significant Other


Just rear ended the car in front of me omw to the presentation

Everyone is ok – towing the car to the dealership for a repair estimate but it’s not pretty

Can you shoot me a screenshot of your insurance info for the police report?

I’m really sorry, I had just glanced at my phone bc Josh emailed about some of the details in the

presentation and I was distracted (facepalm emoji)

We’ll get everything taken care of

I’ll call you as soon as I get finished with the cops

My Comment:

Hi Ky,

Excellent post! I particularly agree with the approach to call the boss first before emailing. The best way for a writer to fulfill their purpose is to be direct as possible. The boss would respect that you aimed to have the most direct communication with her. Good idea to show that you have the best interest of the client in mind as a Segway into asking for another chance to fully present findings to the group. Your writing in both scenario #2 and #3 were both focused on instilling confidence in the audience that you’re going to take care of the situation. It was a great way to take accountability for what happened.