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The Genre Activity- Understanding the Audience Comment #2

Original Post by Danette Jewell:

Scenario 1:

Dear Insurance Agent,

Earlier today, at approximately 11:30 am I was involved in a car accident with another vehicle while driving to work. The accident happened on Main Street close to the 10th Ave intersection. I was distracted while operating the vehicle which caused me to rear-end the vehicle in front of me when they stopped suddenly.

Although no one was injured during the accident, two vehicles were damaged including the vehicle I was driving. The vehicle I was driving was a 2015 Subaru Outback and belongs to my significant other who is insured through your agency. The other vehicle had some damage around the rear bumper will be contacting you shortly. Please let me know any additional details you may need from me regarding the accident.


Danette Bordenkircher

Scenario 2:

Hi Team,

I’m greatly disappointed but I am going to have to miss the presentation this afternoon because I was involved in a car accident this morning. I know everyone has worked really hard on this and the last thing I want to do is let down the team or the company. I understand that a lot of planning went into the project being presented today, but I am wondering if there is any way we could reschedule and present at a later date. I’m happy to assist with any of the logistics needed to reschedule. I wish there was a way to make it work today but my car is unable to be driven and it will take some time to get the tow truck and insurance sorted out. Please let me know your thoughts and anything I can do to help.

Again, I’m so sorry this happened.


Scenario 3

Hi. I am so sorry but I rear-ended another car this morning. I’m not going into work and am contacting the insurance and having the car towed now. Everyone is fine but the car has some damage. I’ll call soon!

My Comment:

Hi Danette,

Awesome post! Good idea to ask what the insurance company needs from you. It is a great way to collaborate with the audience in order to fulfill your purpose. Also, smart idea to start scenario #2 off by directly addressing the entire team. It is a great way to fulfill the purpose of taking responsibility for letting the whole group down. It makes it so that you’re explaining everything directly to the team instead of having the boss need to transmit the information to the rest of the group. By addressing the whole team, you took complete control of the situation to ensure the outcome aligned with your purpose.