Breath of Clarity

The Koshas

“What is really true about me? I feel splintered by the many different layers I seem to shift in and out of. There was a part of me who really had no opinion at all, who seemed to function as an observer, an inner camera who seemed to be watching the whole shifting and stillness show. The map of koshas is a tool I use to cultivate consciousness. Experiencing how it feels like to be fully present in my physical body, rather than floating through life half-disassociated from it, I see myself as centered and sane, more intuitively tuned into which foods and activities actually nourish the body. When I can touch into the healing in the Vital Energy Body, I move stuck energy, release my own vitality, and connect to the energy in nature and other people. When I know the feel of my own Mental Body, I step out of the trance-like states that arise when we blindly identify with thoughts and emotions. As the mental layers shed, I touch life’s fundamental divine love within. I cultivate a self-image defined by a lit soul.