Breath of Clarity

Theater Radiates Hope for Homosexuals

The piece “US” by Tim Miller explains the foundational purpose theater serves for the homosexual community. Certain theatrical works reflect the struggle that societal norms impose on gay couples. This specific form of theater radiates an optimistic attitude, expressing hope for the survival of the uncustomary culture.

The author discusses a collection of famous Broadway musicals that impacted his journey to self-discovery. In various types of music and movies, the mainstream American pop culture recognizes relationships between males and females as the only route to romantic bliss. Miller explains that, without Broadway, gay individuals would never be shown the different ideal model of romantic love and self-contentment that homosexuals desire. Miller explains that certain theatrical works of art are “crucial texts” that “claim who [gays] are supposed to be” and essentially offer insight on where gays fit into America. The Broadway shows display typical adversity that the gay community faces and prove that eventually those barriers can be overcome. For example, Miller explains, “Fiddler taught [him] to disobey [his] parents and marry for love even if it challenges tradition’s taboos”. Miller notes that the character in Fiddler found fulfillment, which illustrates a cliché happy ending that gay people can envision for themselves. The Broadway works of art create a bright outlook to the future. Miller explains the material as a “primitive text” for the way he “understood the world”. The theatrical fantasy encourages members of the gay community to never settle for less than they deserve.