Breath of Clarity

Thesis- Reflection 1

My graduate degree revealed the power of values, goals and manifestation. It started with profoundly valuing a sense of harmonic safety I felt from simply placing myself in nature preserves or even focusing on the non-human life forms in urban settings. A refreshing calm washed over me in moments where I felt life at the forefront of my direct experience of being alive. From there, I had a goal to support the subject of my awe as my profession and decided to bring legitimacy to my pursuits through academia. A program with a concentration in natural resource management caught my eye because I sought to connect with the natural that was such a resource to my experience of vitality. I hoped to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors at play in global climate change so that I could be in a position to launch myself into a position that took strides to sustain the earth. At the beginning of the graduate program, I narrowed down my aim by finding a specific job description and saved it as a note on my computer. I took any job I could to get closer and closer to reaching that clearly outlined vision. Now, I find myself in the job I originally sought to attain. The sequence of events did show me that manifestation is possible with a strong value and focus on goals. However, it led me to realize my additional values and form different goals to create a fulfilling career for myself.

While I still hold the same profound value that prompted me to become a professional in the environmental sector, I adjusted my goals based upon having a heightened self-knowledge of my values. First of all, in order to truly feel safe, I determined one of my major values as being able to live in financial abundance. Accordingly, I have set a specific yearly income goal. I also value a driven work culture and aim to be surrounded by coworkers who support my personal growth. Additionally, I value my strengths. My past work experience revealed to me that I do well at building relationships with customers. I am also skilled at administrative tasks and communicating with multiple departments across a company to problem solve. My ultimate goal is to be in a position that empowers me to use my skillset so that I can excel and want to stay.

That said, my ultimate goal is to be in a Customer Success position at a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology company because it aligns with all of my additional values. I hope to accomplish this goal by completing the Customer Success fellowship program through SV Academy. It will provide me with the personalized mentorship and industry connections to advance my career. I was recently accepted into the program and will be completing it within the month of finishing my graduate degree. I am grateful that I did accomplish gaining a comprehensive understanding of the factors at play in global climate change through the graduate degree. I can make this last course a valuable learning experience by focusing on investigating the global climate change problem in the context of the SaaS technology industry to tie my additional values with my original value. My question is how can SaaS technology be used to tackle global climate change?