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Tips for Finalizing the Presentation and Report Comment #1

Original Post by Kyle Pesek:

The biggest tip that I can provide is to double-check all of your work as soon as possible. With there being less than 2 weeks left until final submission, the last thing I hope to do is submit everything that is due on Friday, March 11th after having scrambled to finalize those last remaining assignments. If you find checklists helpful, try accessing the Canvas calendar that has all the remaining assingment/discussion due dates. Then add everything left in these last few days onto your own list with sub-bullets for any action items left to complete (ie. Recording audio for the Presentation is left for me). In my case, I also like to roughly plan when I can complete each remaining piece of work (ie. Presentation audio is planned for Friday then Saturday/Sunday is devoted to the final research paper that is due Sunday night for my other course this academic quarter).

If I were to start all over, I would have begun this project by seeking actual research funding from my organization to formalize this Report for the Board of Directors or repurpose it as an internal company Memorandum. However, the limited time available in this course would have prevented any chance of diving deeper into my proposed research topic. If granted a corporate budget under a different research scenario, sophisticated economic models could be run through expensive supercomputer processing to more accurately predict the consequences of depleting fossil fuel resource stocks and harmful environmental externalities from overuse driving a market shift toward renewable energy adoption. Perhaps this is a recommendation I could make to our corporate special projects division as the wind and solar portfolio of this utility continues to expand in the approaching years.

My Comment:

Hi Kyle,

Great idea to emphasize starting early and keep a method of organization to ensure there is no scrambling in the end. Students produce better quality work insofar as they are not overwhelmed and rushed. Allocating the time in the calendar to complete the tasks will also help with getting a sense of how long the tasks is going to take to complete rather than vaguely having it as something on the to do list without conceptualizing how much effort is actually needed to go into it. Your ideas about how you would have done your report differently are perhaps useful to implement into the report as a future research agenda included in the next steps section. It is smart to direct the future research agenda specifically to the corporate specific projects division.