Breath of Clarity

Transfer and Reflection Comment #1

Original Post by Will Mangum:

A moment where I learned something that will transfer to a different situation is that the report has been a process. Without a process, there would be no report and final product. The ending moment of getting my paper finalized made me realize that everything has a process to it. I must respect the way things are done for them to be efficient. I have learned that creating a plan or outline to get something done is the most efficient way to achieve a goal. The report has shown me that my process may be flawed and that there may be better ways of doing things other than the way I have done them. I have always struggled with finding other perspectives and then using those to my advantage. I think the final product is not only a product of my own creation, but it also has other people’s perspectives through various peer review processes.

Another moment that I feel will transfer are the various reflections throughout the quarter. I am a firm believer in reflection and that is a prominent part of the learning process. My undergrad degree focused on reflection and taught me that reflection is one of the most important parts of a learning journey. The 3 reflections throughout the course have helped me to understand how I learn. I love to learn about new subjects and different perspectives and this skill can transfer to pretty much any aspect of my life. I will most likely reflect, maybe not on my paper, in my everyday life as much as I can. Processing the learning and career goals I want to achieve is another skill this course has taught me that can transfer. Reflecting on my life will become a common action for me.

My Comment:

Hi Will,

The assignments that were due along the way were so useful in supporting us participating in a thorough writing process. It is important to remember that we have the power to create a set of assignments along the way to achieve any goal. Doing so and trusting the process is so important because it helps us have resilience during the difficult parts of the process and, in turn, achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is smart to honor the law that executing a process yields excellent results.

The assignments that were due along the way were also useful because it is a process that was already refined by the University of Denver staff that made the curriculum. I need to remember to ask people who already achieved my goal for help in crafting my process. Other people are such insightful resources in both executing the process, such as during the peer-review stage, and creating the process.